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I just wanted to say that when i decided to go on the adventure of having a website created-I was in unfamiliar territory. After discovering Global Marketing I knew this was who i wanted to do my build, and I'm so glad i chose them. My site looks FANTASTIC, all my requests were done quickly and even when I knew I was probably driving Jeff crazy he never made me feel that way. Thanks so much guys. You guys are top!

Sandra Hooper


After dealing with a subpar developer, we contracted Global Marketing Group to make the necessary adjustments and system upgrades to get our site up and running. In record time, Global Marketing had us functioning at full capacity and our website looks fantastic! Every deadline was met beforehand and they were always available to answer all our questions. We recommend that if you want the job done right the first time, call Global Marketing Group! Their prices are reasonable and the service is excellent!

Dave & Annette Kee


Jeff – I would like to thank you for bringing my idea to life. We took an idea from concept to live site in literally three weeks. I looked at options doing this elsewhere including building the site offshore and it would have taken twice as long and twice as much. It was a great experience with you being there all the time, answering all questions I had and holding my hand as the site was built. After we took the site into soft launch, you were there to help iron out any kinks we had. I don’t know when you sleep as you were available all the time. I'm looking forward to growing the business and working with you on future ventures. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone seeking assistance in web development. Thanks again.

Dave K.
Founder & President


Jeff at worked closely with me to provide an excellent and very user friendly dating website. My specifications for my site were very detailed and Jeff acknowledged this and came through wonderfully! I would recommend Jeff to a friend.

Thank you for your hard work,
Eric Skyler

Millionaire Dating Inc


I am so happy to have found Jeff Dean and Global Marketing Group. After trying unsuccessfully to build my own dating website on a few of those " Build your own website " sites, i discovered, " " with Jeff and the Global Marketing Group! I inquired on what kind of website i could expect to have. Jeff sent me a detailed proposal outlining everything my potential dating website would contain. I was thrilled with the proposal, as he included all that I wanted in my website! After i read the information he sent, i told Jeff, " Lets do this ! " During the construction of my website, Jeff would email me on the progress, and would also suggest ideas to help make my site better. After a few short weeks my website was finished! The best email i got from Jeff, was the one he sent stating the site was finished, and for me to take a look at it. I was very pleased with the outcome! The site Jeff built me looked very professional, and was unique to other dating websites out there. The site contained everything i wanted, and  the ideas Jeff had suggested made my site look even better! Jeff also sent me a detailed owners manual on how every part of my website worked, and how to change anything on it, that i wanted different. If anyone has been thinking about having your own website built, I HIGHLY recommend Jeff Dean with! You will have an affordable, professionally, built dating website in your hands! Once again, Thank you Jeff for getting me to the road of financial freedom!

Barry Dusek


My experience with Date Site Designer (Global Marketing Group) has been a positive experience. They took on an unusual challenge of combining a dating site with a fund raising charity site  This is a new concept and took quite a while to get it all to work, but Jeff Dean and his staff never threw in the towel and gave up! He was determined to make this all work. I remember him saying "If this was easy, then everybody would be doing it!".  They went beyond the call of duty and I must say that I am impressed with their work, dedication and support.

Sam Brunetto
Date/Raffle Website Owner LC


Jeff - Now that my website is up and running I'd like to take a moment to express how satisfied I am with the job that you and the team have done. You literally helped bring an idea to life and despite my lack of knowledge and familiarity with how the "nuts and bolts" of website design work, you helped to craft my thoughts and put them into a practical application who's end result is a custom designed, fully functioning dating website in a matter of a few short weeks. Your responses to my questions and concerns were almost instantaneous including receiving assistance after hours and weekends. Please relay my thanks to your entire team and rest assured that as my business grows I will continue to utilize your services moving forward.

Dave Genson LLC

oneness match 


We searched the internet over and over, even tried some local companies to build our site, but we had trouble with these companies being able to do what we wanted. In addition, being able to trust someone you have never met before was challenging, then there was negative information on some of the companies. We decided to go with Jeff and his services because we could not find any negative information, as well as the platform provided the flexibility we wanted. During the past year, Jeff has worked with us to make the changes that we needed and wanted for our site with minimal or even no extra cost. In addition his prompt attention was refreshing. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship and hope we can build more sites in the future

Mark Janezic
Same Interest Dating &

Date-Smart & Video Date Club dating site

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Dating Site Designer has been highly impressive. Every aspect of your service has been beyond reproach and Jeff Dean has been courteous, polite and reliable, although, there were a few glitches with communication initially, I learned through Jeff Dean that every business interaction/relationship can grow in spite of. Thank you for hanging in there with me in spite of our differences. You helped me grow as a person, and for me, that speaks volumes.

Thanks Again Jeff!!!

Elder Dana J. Walker
Founder & CEO

Cogic Singles


Jeff helped me to create a vibrant, eye catching website. He was quick in his responses, helpful, and catered to my needs. Current feedback on the website is quite positive. Jeff did a great job! Once my website has taken off, I will use Jeff to help me create an iPhone app. I feel confident in his abilities to help my business become a success!

Jen Pedersen

date a hot mess 


It's very difficult developing a business relationship with someone over the internet. However, I must state that Jeff Dean made the entire process go extremely smooth and enjoyable. I was only aware of my vision. I had no clue where to begin. I only knew what I wanted the product to consist of. Hence, I contacted Jeff, I filled out a request form and within 24 hours or so I received a proposal. Once the site was built, it was more than I had expected. I had no clue it would have such in-depth functions as it currently does.  Before going live, I constantly asked Jeff to make little changes, which I should have done all on my own. Yet, I would email Jeff and he would email me "DONE". And so it was. I would refer everyone to utilize Jeff Dean, better yet I will use his creative mind for another one of my projects. He is my “Date site designer”.

ebony luv - ebony love


Jeff and his team at DatingSiteDesigner did a tremendous job designing our website.
Developing the site was not an easy task, and without his knowledge and hard work
we would have never reached our goals. Whenever there is any issues with the site,
he always follows up that same day to make sure everything is functioning correctly.
We were very lucky to work with Jeff and his team and view his work in the highest
regard..thanks again Jeff!!

Ideal Companion logo


Extremely Excellent Service
Jeff designed my site with no problem. My site looks fantastic. Jeff was patient and kind toward me. I love my site, it's beautiful. I couldn't have found a better designer if I tried. Thanks a million Jeff!

Yolanda Wilson



If you want to truly have an exceptional web site, I highly recommend Jeff Dean and Global Marketing Group. They provide years of valuable experience, knowledge and have cutting edge technology. I am very pleased that I selected Jeff Dean to handle my project. Trust me you are not going to get a more in depth yet simple to read proposal than what he can offer you. The system is so easy to use even someone with little computer experience can operate it. Turnkey which is the system that I have for my web site is the best way and option for you to go in my opinion. My online dating web site is geared for a certain niche and Jeff Dean helped me to reach that goal with the design and look. I strongly feel that my web site is far and above one of the very best looking online dating web sites out there. I am able to have members login in from Facebook or Google Plus which is an added feature plus I have Google Translation installed. Having the Google Translator on my site is huge because it allows non English language members see the entire site in their own language. The key to my happiness during this process has been the excellent customer service that I have been provided by Jeff Dean. Jeff pays attention to all the details and responds to any questions that I have in a very prompt, professional and efficient way. If you want success and want the best, than you need to look no further than Jeff Dean and Global Marketing Group for your web site project.

Daniel Underhill


I had an unusual idea for a dating website, and Jeff Dean helped me to make it a reality! Jeff was amazing and always extremely responsive to any questions I had. I was very pleased with our page, and I am looking forward to helping people find love! Jeff, you're the best!

Check Your Baggage Here


I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Dating Site Designer has been highly impressive. Every aspect of your service has been beyond reproach and Jeff Dean has been courteous, polite and reliable, although, there were a few glitches with communication initially, I learned through Jeff Dean that every business interaction/relationship can grow in spite of. Thank you for hanging in there with me in spite of our differences. You helped me grow as a person, and for me, that speaks volumes.

Thank you,

Positive Love Connection


I wanted to take this time today to thank Jeff Dean and Global Marketing Group for all the hard work your company "Date Site Designer" has put into When I look back at the entire process, I realize how far BKDS has come.. It's only because you understood my vision and made it your passion, I thank you for that.

Black Knight Dating Society


My name is Chris Moxon. I was introduced by phone to Jeff Dean by a mutual friend several years ago. I told Jeff the basic idea I had
for a web site and he said he thought he knew what I wanted and would get back to me. A few days later he called and gave me the
instructions to go on line and see what he had created. It was indeed exactly what I had envisioned. I am a small company and only
needed a 5 page site but I feel I got the proper attention as if I really mattered. I accepted what he created and sent Jeff his fee. Jeff
has managed my web site now for many years with no glitches. I feel like I actually know Jeff and to date we still have never even met.
All of our business has been online and over the phone and everything has gone according to plan. I believe my money for the web site
and the monthly service fee's have been well served.

Chris Moxon
Moxon Paint


I would have no difficulty in recommending Jeff Dean to anyone wishing to develop a web site. He represent very good value for money and his support service is first rate. From very first contact with Jeff to my final email, I found Jeff provided an outstanding service and an excellent company to work with. Every question was answered quickly and he went the extra mile for me, even when I messed all his hard work up. Jeff completed the work that was needed for my web site and tuned some things up, and I'm very happy with his work.

Michael O'Toole



Thanks to Global Marketing Group and Jeff Dean, "Actually Meet People Dating" has a competitive dating website. Jeff and his team have worked closely with us to develop complex and sufficient website. Meeting all of our expectation and continues with great technical support.

Thanks for everything,

Amplified Dating


Jeff worked with us to help transfer our site over from another server and redesign the whole site. He was very professional and got our site running great now!!!

Nigel Mcelwee


I had an idea for a design and I decided to patent my idea. I designed a label pin of a torch, which resembles the fact that when worn.. you are single and available. I then wanted to design an Internet dating website but realized how very little I knew about this business? Not to mention the many facets that go into designing a successful website? When I met Jeff and his team, I was actually relieved that I had found a professional that was so knowledgeable about designing dating websites. I am an Interior Designer by trade… all I knew was that my site had to look right cosmetically and function just right. Designing my site was a bit of a challenge for Jeff and his team but they made all of this very easy and they made it happen! Jeff is a true professional, he always answers all of my questions in a promptly and courteous manner. My website looks wonderful but most importantly functions great! I've realized that finding the right dating website designer that you can count on, trust and who is efficient all under one umbrella is rare thing. So If you want to be successful in the Internet dating business, then you’re going to want Jeff and his team by your side...

Thank you
Cecelia Peraza


Jeff helped me put all my ideas together to launch my first website. Jeff was very creative and showed me new ideas and ways to attract consumers to my new web site. Jeff was always polite and reliable no matter what day of the week it was. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking to start or continue to grow there website. You will not be disappointed at all.

Best wishes and thank you so much Jeff.
Lawaco Toe


Jeff Dean built the website I have always wanted in a reasonable time. I told him the ideas I wished for the website and he did everything in his power to make them happen. I was new to running a website,  He also took his time to make sure step by step that I understood how to manage it myself after it was completed. He answered all my questions in a timely manner. I want to thank him and his team for all the hard work and late hours to get my website to where it is today.

Thanks again, 
Jeffery Tirado 


As a new business owner, I was looking for some one to create a website. I look all over the internet and each company that replied to my inquire requested that I pay some outrageous price and it would take them weeks to complete my project. It was not until I received a response back from Date Site Designer that I felt things were going to be fine. I was contact my a gentleman named Jeff Dean, before I get into the details let me say this Jeff, is defiantly a world class professional. Jeff called and assure me that I have contacted the right company, not only could they develop my site but, they would also have complete it in a timely manner. Jeff not only understood what I trying to do he also gave some outstanding recommendation for my website. Jeff took my ideals and turn them into a reality. Once Jeff had my website up and running he provided me with all the necessary tools to run my site. I cant say enough about the professionalism and great customer service I received from this company, did I mention that the price was affordable? If you're looking for a great value for the money you spent this is the place. Not only would I recommend them I plan to have them develop another site. Date site designer makes the process easy for their customers while providing you one on one service throughout the process even after the site is completed. Jeff again, thanks for the outstanding service.

Best Regards,
Walter Fox

Red Fox Hole


Our experience  with Jeff Dean was fantastic!  He replied to every question I had/have in a timely manner with a detailed response. He helped me obtain what I was looking and stay inside my budget. My site looks great! And has all the features I wanted. 

Shiloh Hardesty

Jeff Dean

Jeff Dean

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